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Home Workout Plan

Build Strength and Muscle with a Home Workout Plan

Are you looking for a way to build strength, but don’t have any time to go to the gym? Are you looking into strength training programs, but most require weights? Forget about going to the gym or having a fancy home gym setup. In fact, all you need is just the weight of your body and a pair of dumbbells to get started on your home workout plan. Best thing is, you can do your strength training program at the convenience of your own home.The key to increasing your strength is to perform exercises that are challenging for a lot of repetitions and multiple sets. To make an exercise more challenging, you can simply add a little weight or just do more repetitions. 


Here are some exercises that you can include in your home workout plan and strength training program:


Air squats

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. From standing, bend your knees and sit back with your hips. Go as far down as you can go and quickly go back to standing. Make sure when doing the movement that you keep your back straight and head up.


Wide Push Ups

To do a wide push up is like doing a standard push up, the only difference is that you are placing your hands wider than shoulder width-apart. 


Handstand Shoulder Press

Go next to a wall and put yourself in a handstand position and set your feet on the wall for balance. Next, lower your head towards the floor and then quickly press against the floor to put yourself back to the handstand position. 


These are some exercises that you can include in your strength training program at home without the use of gym equipment. 


If you are interested in a home workout plan that can help you build muscle, lose fat and get in the best shape of your life, contact Occupation Strong. Our mission is to shape a healthier, fitter and yes, stronger you, while empowering you to push your limits.

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