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In ONLY 2 HOURS per week.
No fuss, no time wasting,
just the information you need.

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  • You learn how to create nutritious meals in minutes that taste incredible

  • Learn how to meet your protein & essential vitamin needs - minimize risks of deficiency

  • Learn how to grocery shop, where to find ingredients, how to read “between the lines” of misleading labels

  • Learn to cook efficiently and stop wasting your time in the kitchen - cooking shouldn’t be a part-time job!

  • Don’t ever say no to eating out with friends - learn how to eat out 

  • Gain confidence in fueling your body in the most powerful way

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Have you been wanting to try a plant-based lifestyle but it seems impossible to figure out what to eat day after day?

Limited spots. 

want more details?

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Even if you can scramble a few dishes together, there are always questions like:


'How do I get enough protein?’


‘Am I going to develop deficiencies?’


‘Do I need to take supplements?’ or


‘Do I have to eat the same boring meals forever?’

Plant-based lifestyle is not the only way but a powerful way to achieve great health.

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Despite years of learning, researching, getting certifications, and embracing plant-based diet myself, I STILL learn something new every day.

You should focus on yourself, not reading medical journals and research studies to figure out what's the best fuel for your mental and physical well being.  That’s why I created the “GO PLANT-BASED IN 3 WEEKS” course, to give you the space and time for yourself.

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How long have you been planning to move toward a more plant-based lifestyle?

Are you dealing with health problems, low energy, or just don’t feel like you’re giving your body what it really needs?

You’re feeling great now but want to take your health to a whole new level, pre-empt future health and weight problems?


3 x live info + Q&A (1 per week, also recorded and yours forever)


3 x live cooking workshop (1 per week, also recorded and yours forever)


The Ultimate Plant-Based Cheat Sheet Pack


“Never Run Out of Ideas” Recipe + Cooking Guide


Cooking healthy shouldn't be your part-time job. Think forward, plant-forward, move forward.

Limited spots. 

I put together a 3 week course where you seamlessly learn everything you need to go plant-based ASAP. 


In ONLY 2 HOURS per week. No fuss, no time wasting, just the information you need.


Plus I’ll hold you accountable, and give you small takes to help you master new habits.


Visual cheat sheets that you can stick on your fridge or keep them in your kitchen drawer to be at hand at all times.


INFO - clear, concise, and in plain language without long pages of jargon to read.


Gain confidence. Take charge. Move forward with the unique PLANT-FORWARD approach.


SIGN UP TODAY & Sit back, I got you

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