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Do I receive customized meal plan?

No, none of the programs, guides, and recipe pack includes custom meal plan, because I don’t believe set meal plans benefit you in reaching long-term success. Instead, I’m giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to make great decisions for yourself. You can read more in my blog about ‘Why meal plans don’t work and what does?’


How do I access my nutrition program, nutrition guide, and recipe packs?

After purchase is complete, you will immediately receive link to download your purchased product PDF file in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


I only purchased the stand-alone Nutrition Guide/recipe pack, do I have access to the training platform?

If you have purchased stand-alone Nutrition Guide or any of the recipe packs alone, you will not have access to the training program. If you would like to have access to the training program, please add to your cart and purchase the Lean & Strong Training Program.


What is the Final Fat Loss Program (FFL)?

It is a one-stop training and nutrition program. FFL is for those who want
to achieve low level of body fat while remaining healthy in the process. The focus of this program is to create a daily calorie deficit for you, so food-logging and calorie control is a big part of it. Beyond working on your nutrition and diet, you will be following the Lean & Strong Training Program on my online platform.


Is this a one-time or monthly charge?

All training programs, nutrition programs, recipe packs, bundles (everything on the site) are one-time charges. You will not be charged again.


How long do I have access?

You will have 6 months access to the training platform. During this period, you can do the training program as many times as you like. All the materials (such as progress diary, meal planner, recipes) you receive by email or download, are yours forever!


When and how can I access my training program?

After purchase is complete, please allow 24 hours to log in to the training platform as I will have to grant you access. Sit tight, please, it won’t take long.


Why am I asked to sign up as a member?

Before making purchase, you will be asked to sign up as a member (if you are already a member you just have to log in). This is important step, as this makes it possible to access the training platform and download all the other materials you purchased.


What support do I get?

You will have access to the private Occupation: STRONG Facebook group. Feel free to post any question and/or comments you have.


In addition, you can always email me with any questions:
I’m here to help and support you.


Is the training program for man or woman?

Both. My training program is designed for man and women who are determined and serious about their fitness goals.


Is the training program for beginners or for advanced?

It is suitable for any fitness level, regardless of age. It is an intense program, so you will have to push yourself and find your limits, but it’s gets progressively more challenging with each training phases, so you will be prepared.


What training equipment do I need?

For home workouts you need a pair of dumbbells (10lb/5kg+) and resistance bands.


For gym workouts you need basic gym equipment like squat rack, bench, cable machine, but you can always opt for the home option.


I have a medical condition/injury can I still do the training program?

The training program is not personalized; therefore, I cannot accommodate injuries. If you have a medical condition, it is essential that you seek doctor’s clearance before starting with an intense training program. Remember your health is always the first priority.

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